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One of the best ways of getting instant traffic to your web site is by using Pay per Click search engines. Literally within 20 minutes, you can be getting traffic to your site.


They work on the basis of bidding on the use of targeted keywords (words that describe the service or product that you are selling) which all have their own specific cost per click. You’ll pay a lot more for popular search terms such as ‘home insurance’ or ‘weight loss, but not so much for less common or niche type keywords.


Whenever a customer uses any of your keywords to perform a search on one of the Pay per Click search engines and sees your ad then clicks on it, you pay for the “cost of that click


You should use terms that are specific to marathon training to get the best ROI (return on investment) possible, but this type of advertising does take some time to get right. If you haven’t tried it before, make sure you do plenty of research first.


You can expect to pay anywhere from 5 cents right up to many dollars depending on the keywords you are bidding on. Fortunately for us, marathon related keywords are relatively cheap, but you still need to test, test and test.


Through constant testing, tracking and changing your adverts, keywords and bids, a good campaign can provide you with a steady flow of traffic.

For the major Pay per Click players however, you will need your own website or webpage where you can presell the program.


On this page you can include a review or some testimonials or an opt in form for subscribers to receive the 7 day email course.


By doing this you aren’t simply trying to get the sale straight away (great if you can do it) but building a relationship with potential customers and you can then offer them a number of other related products.


These are the top 3 pay-per-click search engines at the time of writing: -

1) Google Adwords -
2) Yahoo -
3) Bing –

Pay per Click is tricky and there can be a costly learning curve if you don't find out what you need to know first.


You can learn a lot about each system by going in to each of the Pay per Click search engine learning centres. Remember they DO want you to succeed.


If you really like the idea of using Pay per Click advertising to build your commissions, I highly recommend reading the following resources -  Adwords Miracle (a fantastic highly original step-by-step guide) or  Google Cash (A updated classic method that still works very well)

You can contact me directly if you’d like me to place your conversion tracking codes on my order confirmation page so that you can track your sales in detail to maximize your profits.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

Jago Holmes,
Author and affiliate manager

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